Manufacturer of PVC windows and doors – AMB from Poznań

AMB is a company from Poznań, Poland, which for 30 years has been involved in production of PVC windows and doors. We take special care of the high quality of our services, which include not only the production and delivery of products, but also their professional installation and service. Our company is equipped with numerous modern machines. As a manufacturer of windows and many other finishing elements for houses and company buildings, we can offer you goods which are irreplaceable in terms of quality and appearance, timely completion of orders, as well as professional assistance at every stage of our cooperation.

We direct our services to both individual customers and companies or organizations. We care about each client who decides to use our comprehensive offer with due diligence, guaranteeing an individual approach. We care about the positive reception of our services by customers, so even seemingly simple orders are given maximum time and attention. Convince yourself of this by visiting the bookmark with the projects that we have done!

Production of windows, doors and more

In our extensive offer you will find the necessary elements of window and door joinery for each corporate or residential building, characterized by high quality workmanship and durability. We offer several product categories to our demanding customers:

  • PVC windows, equipped with external sealing systems,
  • Trace doors, characterized by exceptional durability, offered in a wide range of colors,
  • aluminium entrance doors, steel or PVC,
  • flush and external blinds and façade shutters,
  • add-ons such as window sills,
  • garage doors,

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our full range of products. We assure you that choosing our services will be a decision that you will not regret. Meet AMB and equip your home with professionally made doors, windows and window sills!

PVC Windows

PVC windows, which you will find in our assortment, are characterized by professional workmanship and unique design. Products from this category are available in a wide range of standard and additional colors (information about them can be found in the tabs describing specific models of products), thanks to which you will certainly manage to find a color that best matches the elevation of the building under construction or renovation.

People interested in our services are also offered professional installation of windows in Poznan and the surrounding area. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with AMB’s products and choose the plastic windows that will best fit your expectations in terms of quality and style.

Windows that we offer are also professionally installed.

Types of plastic windows

We take special care to ensure the high quality of our products. If you decide to buy plastic windows in AMB, you can choose from two types, prepared with demanding customers in mind:

1. AMB Salamander BluEvolution 73 windows – five chamber system,

2. Windows AMB Salamander BluEvolution 82 – six-chamber system.

In the production of windows we use materials from well-known suppliers, including envelope fittings from MACO, glazing packages Glassolutions and Swisspacer interglazing frames. In addition to top-class products, we also offer to our customers assembly of windows in Poznań and its vicinity, as well as their service. Contact us today!

Platform doors

We have prepared a comprehensive offer of designer terrace doors for clients from Poznań and the surrounding area: lift-and-slide and tilt-and-slide doors, often used in innovative designs of houses and company buildings. Terrace doors offered by our company have excellent insulation parameters. Moreover, they are constructed in such a way as to ensure space saving.

What else distinguishes our balcony doors? First of all, unique design and a wide range of colors to choose from. Does a door have to be white? No! With us you can choose from a wide range of colors, among which you will surely find the one best suited to the facade of your home. This solution will undoubtedly give a unique character to the interior of the building.

High quality door woodwork

With us you will find patio doors of the highest quality, which will be perfect for your home. Even the most demanding customer will buy from us products that meet their expectations. We offer:

1. AMB Salamander BluEvolution terrace doors – doors designed in the HST lift-and-slide system. The depth of the frame is 194 mm and the depth of the leaf is 82 mm. These are patio doors with glazing up to 52 mm;

2. tilt and slide door AMB Salamander BluEvolution – doors with six-chamber PVC profile, which in addition to the external sealing system have central seals. Installation depth is 82 mm. The door is manufactured using components from brands such as MACO, Glassolutions and Swisspacer.

Take a look at the patio doors we manufacture today and buy a product that will meet your expectations!

Front doors

The calling card of any home or business is the front door. This is the part of the building to which every visitor pays special attention. They are also an important decorative element, therefore they should not only be functional, but also visually attractive. When deciding to buy your entrance door, choose a proven producer – AMB! Our company boasts many years of experience, impeccable aesthetics of our work and reliability that is the envy of many of our competitors.

The entrance doors of our production combine unusual design with a wide range of colors, satisfying even the most demanding customers. A huge part of our products, also from this category, is available in many color versions! For years we have been fulfilling individual needs of our customers, which translates into the effects of work in the form of perfect harmony of the door with the building façade and giving the interiors of houses and companies an irreplaceable climate.

What kind of exterior doors do we offer to our customers?

Our exterior doors are functional and durable products, perfectly suited to any space. In AMB offer you will find:

1. AMB Salamander BluEvolution entry doors – external doors with a five-chamber PVC profile, available in different colors. The doors are made of elements from global manufacturers, such as MACO, Glassolutions and Swisspacer;

2. Wikęd steel entrance doors – doors used mainly in single-family houses. This product is an economical solution: thanks to the thick leaf, thermal pad in the frame and polyurethane foam filling, it is possible to significantly reduce heat loss in the living space. Wikęd steel doors, due to the permanent improvements, are also exceptionally resistant to burglaries;

3. ALUPROF aluminium entrance door – an entrance door complying with the highest technical and visual standards, providing the owner with security. This product is used both in homes and corporate buildings.

Aluminium entrance doors

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer of external doors prepared for customers with high demands!

Exterior roller blinds and shutters

Deciding to purchase external blinds used to protect office or residential space, it is worth spending some time thinking about and choosing a product best suited to individual requirements. It should be remembered that well-chosen roller blinds allow you to protect rooms from too much sunlight and keep heat inside the house.

We encourage you to get acquainted with our offer, which includes not only high quality roller blinds and outdoor blinds, but also installation and service of the purchased products. Undoubtedly one of our biggest advantages, for which we are especially appreciated by people using our services, is a comprehensive service for each customer: from help with the selection to installation of roller blinds.

With us you will find roller blinds and blinds ideal for anyone who appreciates the combination of modern design with indispensable functionality. These are exclusive products, which are worth paying attention to when decorating your home or business building.

What kind of external blinds and roller blinds does AMB offer?

The products related to the covering industry that we sell are blinds and roller blinds prepared for customers with high expectations. For those who are interested in purchasing from us, we offer:

1. overhead blinds Vegas Revo – a product created from high quality PVC material. These roller shutters have aluminium armour available in a wide range of colors, allowing you to match them with the appearance of the building they will be part of;

2. Integro recessed roller shutters – flush mounted, providing thermal and acoustic insulation of the room. They are an integral part of the building – they do not interfere with the construction of windows or doors. These built-in roller shutters are equipped with aluminium armouring available in many colors;

3. facade blinds – aesthetic blinds combining high quality and functionality;

4. outside roller-blinds Refleksol – solar protection roller-blinds, allowing to keep a constant temperature inside the room. The use of the product allows you to reduce the use of air conditioning, among other things. Thanks to the fabrics used in their production Refleksol external roller blinds are a barrier to light and suppress contrasts, while providing good external visibility.

If you need high quality roller blinds and facade blinds, be sure to take a look at AMB’s offer. We assure you that with us you will find what you are looking for!