Privacy policy

The information clause concerning the personal data processing by the AMB BABST Sp. z o.o.S.K.

The personal data administrator is the AMB BABST Sp. z o.o. S.K. with its registered in Poznan at ul. Obodrzycka 66/68, 61-249 Poznań:

  • The Administrator’s representative is Mikołaj Babst;

  • The personal details are processed in order to prepare offers and entering into agreements aa well as for accounting needs.

  • The administrator does not intend to transfer data for the third country or international organization. The European Committee stated the existence of proper level of personal data protection. The transfer is done in connection with the Art. 46, 47, 49 section 1 paragraph second of RODO Act; The note on proper or appropriate protections and possibilities of obtaining data of copies or on the location of making the data available.

  • The personal data will be stored for a period of 20 years

  • You are entitled the right to the following:

  1. The request access to the personal data, its correction, removal or processing limitations < or the right to submit the objection against the proceeding and the right to data transfer,

  2. Withdrawal of permission on data processing at any time; it does not influence on the consistence with the processing right which was done based on the consent before its withdrawal to submit the opposition to proper authorities.

  3. Providing data is a condition of concluding the contract. Providing data is voluntary.

  4. Upon the completion of processing your personal data for primary purpose, the data will not be processed in any other purpose

This Cookies files policy defines the rules of storing and access to the information on devices of the User with the use of cookies files, for execution of services provided with electronic form on demand of the User by the Administrator of the website

The administrator of the website is the AMB BABST Sp. z o.o. S.K with its registered office in Poznan, ul. Obodrzycka 66/68; NIP: 7820021039; REGON: 301713626


By „cookies” files can be understood IT data, especially text files stored in final devices of users intended for websites use.

The cookies files of the Administrator are safe for the user’s device and usually includes as follows: domain name from which it originates, time of storing into device and stored value.


Session Cookies – are stored on user’s device until the moment of browser work completion. Zapisane w nich informacje są usuwane z pamięci urządzenia w momencie zakończenia sesji.

Permanent Cookies – are stored on user’s devices until the moment of its deletion. The completion of the session does not cause its deletion.


Own Cookies (uploaded by the Administrator):

Authorization and keeping sessions of the user of the website

Proper configuration of selected function of internet website

Optimization and improvement of the efficiency of provided services

Improving reliability of the website

Providing the safety of the website

External Cookies (uploaded by the Administrator’s partners):

Gathering general and anonymous statistic data on behalf of analytical tools (Google Analytics, Google Inc administrator with its registered office in US)


The cookies mechanism does not allow to collect personal data from the user’s device.


The software default intended to browse a website allows to upload „cookies” files on the final device.

The changes of this settings can be made by the user individually with the help of the browser settings. The settings can be changed in such a way to block automatic managing of cookies files
in the settings or inform on every uploading of cookies on the User’s device.

Detailed information on possibilities and methods of the cookies files management are made available in the software settings (internet browser).

The user can remove cookies files at any moment using available functions of the website.

The limitation of the „cookies” files can influence on some of the functionalities available on the website.

The lack of changes of the browser settings means to accept loading cookies files on the user’s device.