We guarantee professional assembly of all products from the offer.

We are operating in a compex way starting from designing windows and door through agreements made on site and measures to install building elements. Why it is worth to rely on professional assembly?

Because optimal configuration of elements allow to proper functioning. Especially in terms of windows. It is not a place to make mistakes.

The method of assembling windows plays very important role not only in terms of its proper functioning

but also for obtaining the best efficiency of thermal power by eliminating thermal bridges.

Points of window and wall contact is a crucial place that is sensitive to humidity and can be a reason of Energy loss. That is why, the assembly and insulation is so important, as mistakes made during the sealing of a contact window-wall can be a reason of losing benefits resulting from very good insulation parameters of windows.

We are presenting the most often used solutions in terms of sealing the window sealing and the building wall