Warranty service

Very important element of the offer while purchasing investment goods are the service conditions, both in the warranty period as well as upon its completion. The AMB BABST provides to its customers the warranty and non-warranty service.

Every customer obtains warranty card and include detailed warranty condition and the manual for service and maintenance You can find the templates of the guarantee cards at the bottom of the page

Professional and systematic service of windows will save unnecessary problems and can prevent from the need of too early windows replacement resulting from improper maintenance and operation. Modern windows are designed in such a way to perform its role for years but because of technical complexity it requires professional service.

Non-warranty service

When the warranty period is finished, our Customers can use our non-warranty services of windows, however we are also performing service works with windows manufactured by other companies.

We kindly invite to you to contact us – every defect will be treated as a priority!

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