The lift and slide door of the AMB Salamander BluEvolution

If you are looking for the best system of the balcony door we have a proposal for you.

It would be a lift and slide door of AMB Salamander it is very popular design trend in the architecture. Why is it so?

Because of the reason that the door does not cover lots of space and the method of its opening is a troublefree. You are deciding if it is convenient!

Modern design makes that the AMB Salamander door are very often considered in modern construction designs. Why it is worth of it? It has perfect insulation parameters, saving of the space – these are the benefits that are speaking for itself!

Do the windows have to be white?

The windows AMB Salamander BluEvolution connect varius colours and unique design. We can make personalized proposals for colouring and make it suitable for the facade and give interiors unique climate.

Check out the colors
  • six-chamber pvc profile
  • external and central sealing system
  • installation depth 82 mm
  • thermal insulation coefficient up to Uw = 0,74 W/(m2xK)
  • soundproofing for 46 dB
  • anti-burglary protection to the class RC 2
  • fencing fittings from the Austrian company MACO
  • glass packages production Glassolutions Saint Gobain
  • a warm frame between the Swisspacer shaft