The windows AMB Salamander BluEvolution 82

The windows AMB Salamander BluEvolution 82

The window systems AMB Salamander BluEvolution 82 is a synonym of perfect quality of pvc windows.

Beautiful stylistics, pure clean and external glow – profiles of the profile 82 mm of the AMB Salamander brand cannot be compared in the market.

The windows are most frequently applied in energy efficient and passive houses. Due to good insulation it allows to significant saving of the energy. If you are focused on economical solution, you are in a good place!

The benefits of AMB Salamander BluEvolution 82

The innovative six-chamber construction of the depth 82 mm and failure-free system of sealings guarantee optimal thermal insulation and the best energy effectiveness.

The windows AMB Salamander BluEvolution 82 are manufactured by us are as follows:

Do the windows have to be white?

The windows AMB Salamander BluEvolution connect varius colours and unique design. We can make personalized proposals for colouring and make it suitable for the facade and give interiors unique climate.

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The AMB Salamander BluEvolution 82 windows manufactured by AMB are:
  • Six-chamber pvc profile
  • System of external and middle sealing
  • Profile depth 82 mm
  • Index of thermal insulation no higher than Uw = 0,74 W/(m2xK)
  • Acoustic insulation up to 46 dB
  • Anti-theft protection to the class RC 2
  • Multi-point locking fitting of Austrian company MACO
  • Window package manufactured by the Glassolutions Saint Gobain
  • Warm frame between windows manufactured by the Swisspacer